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Archive of Blog: December 2014

Pilaf center
Rubric: Restaurants
Published: 08 december 2014

 Each foreign tourist who just for once visitedUzbekistanknows the taste of Uzbek pilaf. It is not surprising. You know that the most delicious pilaf in the world is cooked in our country.  In Uzbekistan, as you know, pilaf is prepared in each city. But there is one place inTashkent, where cook several kinds of this Uzbek dish, depending on the region of the country (Tashkent,Bukhara,Samarkand,Fergana, etc.). It is a local sight, visiting which, you will have a desire to go back there again. This place is called “Pilaf center”, where pilaf is cooked by oshpaz (master on pilaf cooking). Here you can taste, at least, 10 kinds of pilaf.  Pilaf is cooked here in several huge cauldrons with capacity from 60 to 100 kg of rice. What is the secret of such a marvelous taste? Firstly, it is the knowledge of classic recipe that masters -oshpaz use it in their preparation....

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