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Ancient temple of Zoroastrians was opened in Khorezm.
  An ancient temple of Zoroastrians was opened by the Uzbek archaeologists on the territory of Central Asia. According to this finding, we can say that anc... Read more »
Photo exhibition “Beauty of Korea” in Tashkent
  A photo exhibition "Beauty of Korea" will be held at the Art Gallery of Uzbekistan from 15 till 19 November. The ambassador of the Republic of Korea in t... Read more »
Exhibition "Different Cultures - United World" is being held in Tashkent.
  International biannual exhibition "Different Cultures - United World" will be held from 22 till 27 October in Tashkent. 245 artists will take part in the... Read more »
The new high-speed rail route between Almaty and Tashkent
   The new high-speed train will be put into operation in 2014.                        &nb... Read more »
The remains of south mammoth were found on the territory of Uzbekistan
  The remains of the southern mammoth were found on the territory of Uzbekistan. The unique find was made in Tashkent region, 20 km south-east of Akhangara... Read more »
Tashkent International Tourism Fair TITF-2013
  Tashkent International Tourism Fair "Tourism on the Silk Road" will be held on 8-10 October 2013 in Tashkent. It is organized by the National Company "Uz... Read more »
Anciend Samarkand coins were found in Spain
  More than 100 ancient Samarkand coins were found in La Rinconada (Sevilla, Spain). Scientists suggest that the coins were minted more than 1,000 years ag... Read more »
Ancient finds of French archeologists
  As press service of French embassy reported, an exhibition in honor of 25th anniversary of cooperation between Uzbekistan and France in the field of arch... Read more »
Traditional tea ceremony will be held in Japanese garden.
  Traditional tea ceremony will be held in Japanese garden on 21-22 September, organized by Uzbekistan-Japan Center. The members of the tea ceremony will b... Read more »
An exhibition «Artist and Theatre» in Savitsky Museum
  An exhibition «Artist and Theatre» will be held in Savitsky Museum, which opens on August, 28 and will last until the end of the year. Here y... Read more »
New flight Tashkent-Volgograd-Tashkent
 The national airline "Uzbekistan Airways" expands new flights and opens new direction to Volgograd city.   The national airline «Uzbekistan Air... Read more »
"Dancing" fountain in Tashkent
  The Uzbek government decided to make a present for citizens of Tashkent. It is light dynamic fountain height of 12 metres on Hadra square. During the con... Read more »
The new flight Krasnoyarsk-Samarkand
  Airline «Ural Airlines» opens the flight from Krasnoyarsk to Samarkand. The flights in this direction will begin on August 8, 2013. The new f... Read more »
Film Forum "Golden Cheetah" in Tashkent
   Film Forum "Golden Cheetah" will be held from 19 to 24 October in Tashkent. It is reported that the best full-length, short and animated films... Read more »
Unique excavations of Byzantine Empire in Uzbekistan
  Unique gold objects were found in the village Maisky of Tashkent region. An examination of all 14 found antiquities is being done at the moment. This is ... Read more »
New collection of the State museum of uzbekistan
  Thanks to archeological work of the institute Art, the collection of 91 objects was given the Archeological State Museum of history of Uzbekistan.  ... Read more »
Best Airport of CIS countries
   The international airport “Bukhara” became the winner in different categories. According to the results of 2012 year among the air... Read more »
New air and rail routes to Urgench.
New air and rail routes are planned to open to Urgench in Khorezm region. Decrre of the President “About the program of tourism development in the Khorezm... Read more »
Tourism Forum «Workshop 2013"
Regional Tourism Forum «Workshop 2013" will be held in Khiva on June 7, 2013. Khiva was one of the cities of the ancient Khorezm. According to archaeologi... Read more »
The Festival "Toshkent bahori"
From 16 to 27 May the third international festival of opera and ballet "Tashkent bahori" - "Tashkent Spring" will be held in Uzbekistan, at the Palace of Arts "... Read more »