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In 2013 in Uzbekistan the high speed touristic train on route of the Great Silk Road will be launched
In 2013 in Uzbekistan the high speed touristic train on route of the Great Silk Road will be launched.Trains of Lux class will be consigned for 60 – 70 pa... Read more »
36 billions of sums will be assigned for the expansion of Savitsky museum
The government of Uzbekistan will assign 36 billions of sums for the expansion of Karakalpak State museum of art after Savitsky.In two new buildings there will ... Read more »
The fair of applied art will be held in Tashkent
In February, 8-9 in the Center of national art in Tashkent for all interested persons the fair of applied art, organized by Fond Forum and the Association of pa... Read more »
Uzbekistan for the second time will participate in the international tourist fair in Riga
 Uzbekistan for the second time will participate in the international tourist fair Balttour 2013 (20th international exhibition of tourism), which is held ... Read more »
Road Show in Southern-Eastern Asian states
Association of Private Tourism Agencies (APTA) of Uzbekistan in cooperation with Uzbekistan Airways “Uzbekistan Havo Yollari” and “Uzbektouris... Read more »
Czech Airlines will fly to Tashkent twice a week between April and October
ČSA in 2013, as before, will fly from Prague to Tashkent, reported Czech Embassy in Tashkent. The Embassy informs that Czech Airlines will operate flights ... Read more »
New railway routes Tashkent – Volgograd
According to the date of the company “Uzbek railways”, from February, 4 a new train 474/473 on route Tashkent – Volgograd with the frequency o... Read more »
Uzbekistan and South Korea will develop cooperation in the field of tourism
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov approved the agreement between the governments of Uzbekistan and the Republic of Korea on cooperation in tourism, January ... Read more »
Additional trains have launched to Bukhara and Termez
State Joint Stock Railway Company "Uzbekistan Temir Yollari" launched additional trains on route Bukhara and Termez. According to JSC «Uzbekistan Temir Yo... Read more »
President of Uzbekistan confirmed the agreement about the Council on tourism of CIA countries
President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov confirmed the agreement about the Council on tourism of CIA countries-participants.The agreement was signed on the meeting... Read more »
Tashkent zoo has been enriched with exotic animals
Novosibirsk Zoo passed animals to Tashkent one: two markhors, musk hog, Cameroonian goat, raccoon dog, three otters and two coatis.The export of animals was car... Read more »
New tourist projects in Uzbekistan for next 2013 year
In the coming year 2013 the National Company “Uzbektourizm” together with the advertising agency “Great Silk Road” is preparing 3 intere... Read more »
“THE PARK TURON” hotel will soon change its name to “RAMADA TASHKENT”
As the hotel "THE PARK TURON" informs itself, in new 2013 year it will be called "RAMADA TASHKENT". According to the preliminary data, this name will be active ... Read more »
About $2 billion will be invested by the Uzbek government to the construction of the railway line through the pass “Kamchik”
The state joint-stock railway company “Uzbekiston temir yullari” (“Uzbek railways”) estimates the cost of construction of the railway li... Read more »
3rd of December – birthday of SMS
3rd of December is the twentieth birthday of SMS. SMS from English is decrypted as “Short Messaging Service”.The history of SMS development is very ... Read more »
The famous Icehotel was opened in Lapland
In the Swedish part Lapland, in the village Jukkasjärvi, in December, 7 the huge Icehotel was opened.This year the designers from the whole world worked on... Read more »
Most unusual hotels in the world
Most unusual hotels in the world:Propeller Island (Berlin, Germany) Propeller Island hotel in Berlin was invented by the German artist Lars Shtroshen. All 30 r... Read more »
The exhibition of the painting of the Italian artist Paolo Veronese “Lamentation of Christ” will be held on the 27th of November in the Art Meseum
On the 27th of November 2012, at 16:00 in the State Art Museum of Uzbekistan in Tashkent the painting of the famous Italian artist of the XVI century Paolo Vero... Read more »
Ideal air passenger
According to the questioning among the crews, working in the British airspace, the ideal air passenger is the single man of age from 30 to 40, who is travelling... Read more »
The railway station “Urgench” after the complete overhaul is open for passengers
The state joint stock railway company “Uzbekiston temir yollari” put into operation the railway station “Urgench” in Khorezm region afte... Read more »