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Sweetest melon fest in Khiva

Published: 03 august 2017

The trade fair "Gurvak - a symbol of melons of Khorezm" will be opened at the square "Kuhna Ark" of the state Museum-reserve "Ichan Kala" (Khorezm district) in August .

The fair is being held in order to popularize melons among foreign and domestic tourists, as a special melon crops, other unsurpassed vegetables, fruits and berries of Khorezm region: pumpkins, watermelons, apples, pears, peaches, grapes and dried fruit as well. In the framework of the trade fair, "The Sweetest Melon" contest will be held among visitors and guests of the fair.

Participants will have to compete in the selection of exactly “gurvak” seeds among other seeds, in the definition of the most suitable places for planting seeds of melons, in determining the sweetest melon, share skills in melons cutting, to determine the grade melons, compete in drying and keeping melons in the winter period. In addition, the fair will host the festival of folklore-ethnographic groups, the contest of young pop singers, theatrical performances, as well as the display of products of folk crafts.