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Uzbekistan and Malaysia agree cooperation in tourism

Published: 08 august 2017

The official delegation of Uzbekistan under the leadership of Chairman of the State Committee on tourism development Anvar Sharapov visited Malaysia.

A key objective of the visit was to establish a sustainable partnership between representatives of the tourism industry, increase the tourist exchange between the countries and attract Malaysian investors to establish modern infrastructure in Uzbekistan.

Malaysia is a country where Islam is the state religion. Annually about 250 thousand Muslims of Malaysia make Hajj and Umrah. With this in mind, pilgrim tourism to Holy places in Uzbekistan became a key theme of the talks. During the meeting with the leadership of the Malaysian Association of tour operators and travel agencies, a decision was agreed to send large Uzbek tour operators to Malaysia, for they would hold B2B meetings with their colleagues and discuss prospective projects for Malaysian tourists and pilgrims who wish to visit Uzbekistan. During the visit, they also held negotiations at the Council of the Fund of pilgrims, the Islamic centre for tourism, Malaysian Tourism Centre.

One of the key events of the visit was the meeting of Chairman Anvar Sharapov with Minister of culture and tourism of Malaysia Mohamed Nazri. Heads of departments discussed the issues of mutually beneficial cooperation and promoting the tourism potential of our country on the Malaysian market. Particular emphasis was placed on the development of pilgrimage tourism in historical places, tombs of Islamic saints and great scientists-Islamists in Uzbekistan. In particular, a member of the government of Malaysia promised to pay a visit to the exhibition to be held in October this year in Uzbekistan.