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Great service
Author: Barrett M (London, UK)
Trip Date: 2017/03/12
As a single traveller with limited time, Anur Tour was able to arrange a great itinerary, together with good local guides and drivers, that completely matched my expectations. They were also very ready to put themselves out to ensure that everything went well.

Visited March 2017
Fantastic week tour of Uzbekistan
Author: Jon Alfa (London, UK)
Trip Date: 2016/11/16

We booked a week tour off season (November 2016). Actually we went there very late so there were barely any tourist and the temperature dropped dramatically in the middle of the trip to reach -12 in Khiva, but we still loved it!!.

The company was really professional and it had everything very well planned. They even helped us as soon as we left the plane, directing us to pass customs and helping us with all the paper work. Anur can make your trip there really easy. We visited several cities and the guides provided were exceptional, specially the lady in Samarkand. She transmitted so much passion and love for the city!
I was a bit concerned about safety but I ended up walking alone even at night to take pics, specially in Samarkand, Khiva and Bukhara and it was very cold but pleasant and quiet.

The drivers provided by the company were also very good and professional. I tend to get very easily sick when travelling on a road, specially if is full of curves but that was not the case when travelling there. They were very good and helpful ad they accommodate to our needs. They took us to several shops to buy things such as Samarkand wine....
My advice in Samarkand if you are there during the weekend is book in advanced a restaurant, specially if you want to go to one of the good ones, as we tried to enter in three of them and they were all fully booked. The country was really safe (at least the cities we visited) and as I mentioned I walked a lot on my own at different times of the day. The only problem is that if you don't eat meat it is a bit hard to find places to eat. I had a couple of vegetarian plovs and salads but careful with the salads as they can give you stomach problems if you are not used to the water there.
the hotels provided by the tour were quite good and the most important they kept us warmed.
A really impressive country with a fantastic tour.

Visited November 2016

Anur Tours made our trip to Uzbekistan all we had hoped for and more
Author: Grey R, Moscow
Trip Date: 2016/11/15

We scheduled a week long tour through Uzbekistan in November 2016 - Tashkent, Kiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, and Tashkent. Initially we provided the places we wanted to go and our time frame. They made everything - from the beginning to the end - so easy and still so special. Anur Tours came through with a well planned tour that included everything we asked for, and also offered some thoughtful suggestions for us to consider. Throughout the planning process we had a number of special requests, and Anur Tours met all the requests graciously. All of the staff was wonderful to work with. And the guides that they used in each of the cities were amazing - they knew the history well and they were fun to be with. Everyone of them gave us excellent suggestions for restaurants and other sites and not once during the trip did we feel like we were being directed from one "special vendor" to another. Incidentally, while we were travelling, there was another group traveling with a higher ranked tripadvisor group. That tour had approximately 20 people and they had a set schedule. we had the two people in our own group and a great deal of flexibility. For me, the choice seems obvious....

Visited November 2016

Fantastic experience
Author: Daniel S, USA
Trip Date: 2016/11/12

Anur Tour provided outstanding service during our recent visit to Uzbekistan. All aspects of our visit were carefully planned, from transportation to hotels and tours. The drivers and guides were extremely helpful, pleasant, and knowledgeable. The whole staff ensured we had everything we needed and had a great time. Highly recommend Anur Tour is you are traveling to Uzbekistan.

Visited November 2016

Great experience with Anur Tour
Author: Hudo Syyd, Canada
Trip Date: 2016/11/10

Anur Tour did a great job of arranging our trip to Uzbekistan, specially last minute change we requested, which was handled professionally by Anur team. All the drivers and guides were helpful and friendly.

Sehr zufrieden mit AnurTour
Author: Ayca (Vienna, Austria)
Trip Date: 2016/10/22

Wir waren zu zweit 2 Wochen in Usbekistan und obwohl wir gerne und fast immer individuell reisen, haben wir einzelne Bausteine der Reise bei Anur Tour gebucht. Die Agentur war sehr verlässlich, fürsorglich und gleichzeitig Top vom Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis. Die tolle Betreuung hat schon vor der Reise angefangen - Aziza hat uns geduldig auch über Ausflüge, die wir ganz individuell gemacht haben, beraten, das Visum-Support hat perfekt geklappt und auch die anschließende Reise nach Turkmenistan wurde perfekt organisiert. Sie hat alle unseren (teilweise herausfordernden) Wünsche berücksichtigt. Die Kommunikation vor Ort ist unkompliziert über WhatsApp oder Handies der Fahrer erfolgt. Alle Transfers waren pünktlich, bequem und sicher; Fahrer nett und hilfsbereit. Die Agentur ist auf jeden Fall weiterzuempfehlen. Vielen Dank für die schöne Erlebnisse!

Efficient and professional service
Author: Aditi Pal
Trip Date: 2016/10/15

We had a very good trip for 1 week in Uzbekistan, covering Tashkent , Samarkand and Bukhara as a family with 1 kid (8 years old). The planning was perfect , with prompt response and very supportive staff. The execution was flawless. The cars and guide were all helpful and knowledgeable. The visa and train tickets were well arranged. We got good recommendation on hotels, places to eat and shopping. The proprietor Mumin was excellent in every way. They made our trip memorable and enjoyable. Highly recommended.

Very happy with Anur Tour services
Author: Joke, Belgium
Trip Date: 2016/10/05
Uzbekistan is a lovely, friendly country with beautiful historical sites and buildings, especially the Silk Road cities. Anur Tours organised a tailor- made tour for us, and we were really happy with their services: hotels, railway tickets, transfers by car,... It was all very well arranged! Ms. Aziza, who was our contact person, also gave us a warm welcoming and had good suggestions for activities and sights, upon arrival as well as during our tour throughout the country. Thank you so much!

Visited October 2016
Great experience in Uzbekistan
Author: Carine, Belgium
Trip Date: 2016/09/30

We visited Fergana, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva in 15 days. We were charmed by the beauty of Uzbekistan. Very friendly people, good food and great cultural highlights.
Our special thank goes to Ms. Aziza of Anur tour. She did a splendid job!
Carine, Joke and Rosa from Belgium


Caring and Warm
Author: Waris, Toronto
Trip Date: 2016/09/29

Since we spoke neither Russian nor Uzbek language, we looked in the Uzbekistan TA Forum for suggestions and contacted Adantour, Xoroson and Anur Tours for quotes. They all made professional proposals. Since I am a DYI, budget minded traveller, I found Anur Tours’ offer the most reasonable. Luckily a fellow Torontonian had used their services and wrote a very positive report about Anur in his TA report. I managed to talk with him on the phone and chose Anur. Anur booked all our hotels that we selected ourselves, again using TA reviews and arranged for all the transportation and transfers. They also provided LOI at no extra costs.
Now about AnurTours ! The owner, Mr Mumin, is a very personable and reliable person. Our experience was very pleasant and problem free. The transfers, train and plane tickets even tickets for a performance at Alisher Navoi Opera were procured by them. Mr. Mumin was only a phone away whenever required. The most critical episode of our journey came at the very end when we had to clear passport check at the Tashkent airport. Uzbekistan visa regulations are very strict. Our visa was expiring at mid-night and our flight was scheduled to depart at 2:45 AM. Mr Munim foresaw the problem and if it were without his negotiations with the concerned airport authorities to process our exit earlier than usual check-in, we would have been stuck. This would have completely marred a beautiful trip for us. My wife and I, therefore, will highly recommend Anur Tours for their cost-effective, professional services.

Trip to Uzbekistan with Anur Tours
Author: David C (Beit She'an, Israel)
Trip Date: 2016/09/06

We recently returned from a wonderful 15 day trip to Uzbekistan. Our programme included Tashkent, overnight train to the Castles in the desert, Khiva,-flight to Bukhara,train to Samerkand,train to Tashkent. Anur Tours did all our organization tickets, hotels, guides, taxis for pick ups even to the last day in Tashkent tickets for the ballet.Their expertise made the whole holiday go like clockwork. Together with the amazing architecture, art work,fantastic colors and the warm hearted people we met, made it a trip to remember. A special thank's to Aziza who arranged everything with prompt reply.

An unforgettable Uzbekistan Experience
Author: Sit S (Hong Kong)
Trip Date: 2016/08/26

Uzbekistan, a very unfamiliar place for us and we all departed our home with great anxiety. However, when we arrived for a few days, our worries were all gone. Not only the country itself is very safe, the friendliness of the people there was beyond my imagination.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Anur Tour for giving us such an unforgettable trip along the old silk road. We visited all the way from the west to the east of Uzbekistan, and we were deeply thankful to Aziza (Anur tour’s manager) for her organization (including the LOI) of the tour.

In Muynak, we reached the former world's fourth largest lake, the Aral Sea, which has been losing water for half a century and nearly disappeared from the map. In Nukus, we visited the Savitsky Museum which collect more than 90,000 exhibits, including a collection of Russian avant-garde artists and the art of ancient Khorezm. All of these gave us a wonderful experience. Ayaz-kala yurt camp was a very pleasant place for us, the three Ayaz-Kala fortress, sunrise together with the sunset were very pleasing. We also missed the night with tons of shooting stars flying over our head in the village of Asrof, where we spent a whole night watching stars. Of course, the three ancient Islamic city- Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand- are the highlights of our tour, we couldn’t help but love them.

Anur Tour gave us an extraordinary tour over all in Uzbekistan. We were deeply impressed by the ancient Islamic edifice, and the unique culture of Uzbekistan. The people there also treat us with great hospitality, which we will never unforgettable.

Anur Tour provides me the best service at the highest level!
Author: Ming Lau (Hong Kong)
Trip Date: 2016/07/22

I had no idea about sightseeing tour of Uzbekistan so before I joined the tour of this company, I just randomly searched about travel agencies in Uzbekistan on the internet and I coincidentally found out the website of Anur Tour, then I clicked into the page of “Guaranteed departure tour around Uzbekistan, 2016”, and read about details of the itinerary of the trip and I just decided to join this tour without a long moment of consideration.

I provided all my personal information, copies of passport, traveling documents, air flight tickets to the company. Then the Manager of Anur Tour - Ms. Aziza started to help me and arrange everything for me of this trip. Aziza is very helpful and always reply me in such an immediate speed and telling me about details of getting a visa of immigrating to Uzbekistan. And this visa- thing made me the most troublesome because I just applied to join this tour just 2 weeks before my departure from Hong Kong via Seoul to Uzbekistan, and everything went very well except for the visa problem.Just on the night of me en-routing to the Hong Kong International Airport, I just kept refreshing the E-visa website of Uzbekistan and finally I received the updated notice of my visa approval and I got the telex number! Thank God for this, otherwise I might not go to Uzbekistan as my first overseas trip in a foreign country.

And then I contacted to the Director of Anur Tour - Mr. Mumin and he just sent me a Letter of Invitation (LOI) to me so I can get aboard to the plane, and Mumin and Aziza all congratulated me for my success of visiting to Uzbekistan!

The first day of my arrival to the Airport in Tashkent, Aziza and the local tour guide called Mr. Bakhrom waited for me outside the airport and just welcomed me to Uzbekistan. My trip is a 10-day tour and it is all nicely arranged for my length of time staying in Uzbekistan. Bakhrom took me to the hotel and one day later, he started to guide me in the Capital City – Tashkent. He can speak very fluent English and he’s a learned man. He explained me everything about the sites that I visited in Tashkent very patiently and he’s such a kind-hearted man!

The second part of my trip is going to Khiva via Urgench, the two local drivers are all very nice men and we just chit-chatted and I spoke a little bit of Uzbek language and they were all really impressed with me, we had so much fun! The local tour guide – Mr. Alimardan, he is a Khivan resident and of course he knows very well about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Ichan Kala. He’s an intelligent man and telling me about the story of each spots I visited. And at this moment I really started to get my horizons broadened about everything in Uzbekistan.

The third part of my trip is going to Bukhara, this was the time of my trip started to get really, really interesting and fascinating! I originally landed in the airport of Bukhara at 11:45 but my flight was get aboard 30 minutes earlier so when I came out to the airport, I couldn’t find any driver holding the nameplate of my name so I just decided to hire a local taxi by myself and that taxi driver charged me for $5 USD (The receptionist of the hotel in Bukhara said it’s too expensive). Then my driver and tour guide Umid just came in to my hotel room and apologized to me about this event happened and refunded me the $5 USD, I really didn’t expect this from my tour guide, too nice of him! Then Umid guided me around Bukhara city in the next day, and he’s also a highly knowledgeable person and taking me to many tourist spots in Bukhara.

The day in Samarkand, I was greeted with a driver and a local tour guide called Ms. Eleanora, she’s a very classy and learned woman. She took me visiting around the city of Samarkand and the Registon Square – another UNESCO World Heritage Sites is just beautiful, spectacular, majestic, magnificent. She also took me to a museum, a mosque, and a silk carpet factory. Everything I looked around is just elegantly historical and splendid. And I really enjoyed talking to this beautiful tour guide and we talked about everything of our two countries. It’s such a full of enjoyment to appreciate the beauty of Uzbekistan and it’s my pleasure and honor to visit to this special and mysterious country.

I had a very fun and nice time mingling with the tour locals and the local people as well, Uzbek people are very gentle and polite. I would like to recommend all readers here to use the service of this company as they have shown professionalism and sincerity to me. I enjoy my trip to Uzbekistan very much and in my opinion, Anur Tour is your best choice!

Visited July 2016

GREAT tour company for solo travelers!
Author: Astrid Vaagen (Oslo, Norvey)
Trip Date: 2016/07/15
I just spent a week in Uzbekistan, and I couldn't be more happy with Anur Tour's services. All the way from the first email I sent when I started planning my trip they've been friendly, reliable and efficient. They helped me plan a trip that included everything I wanted to see, did the visa arrangements, and organized a wonderful week for me in this amazing country. Everything within a very reasonable price. I will highly recommend them to other travelers, and I will definitely use them again for other travels in Central Asia.

Visited July 2016
With ANUR TOUR from 2010!!!
Author: Sandra (Riga, Latvia)
Trip Date: 2016/06/06
I have been using services of ANUR TOUR since 2010 and am very happy about the cooperation. Most of my trips have been solo and this makes one value highly the professional and at the same time friendly relations with the agency. For an individual it is important to feel safe when going to an unknown place. The perfect choice of drivers, guides and accommodation made me feel absolutely like at home. Drivers have always been on time assigned, experienced in work with tourists and knowledgeable about the places to visit. The excellent knowledge of English should be mentioned as well. Guides besides their professionalism have also been very interesting personalities, knowledgeable in various areas.
I have been happy to visit with ANUR TOUR not only the must see sites of Uzbekistan as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shakhrisabz, but also Nukus, Muynak, the desert fortresses of Ayaz-Kala and Toprak-Kala, Aydarkul Lake with staying overnight at a yurt camp, and the famous Hazrat Daud Cave.
ANUR TOUR arranges also combined trips within the region to visit neighboring countries – Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan,Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. I took chance to visit Kyrgyzstan and am absolutely happy about the trip.
I can recommend ANUR TOUR as a highly professional and reliable tour operator for the trip to Central Asia.
Author: Valda
Trip Date: 2016/03/20
Non-stop estimulating experiences, I felt alive again. Lovely safe country, and charming people. The organization had been amazing, and our guide great: professional, very kind. Highly recommend, you don't wanna miss this one!
Highly Recommend Anur Tour
Author: Sarah Lain
Trip Date: 2016/01/05
I booked a group tour of five people to Samarkand from Tashkent with Anur. Our guide Denis was fantastic and really made the history of this fascinating city come alive. The organisation of the tour and payment process was very smooth. I highly recommend booking through Anur!
"Guaranteed Departure Uzbekistan tour 2017" tour review
Author: oded sharon
Trip Date: 2016-05-25 00:00:00

we look for private tour to see the highlightsc of Uzbekistan. We will be 2-5 persons we plan on September 2016. We need too flights from tel avive and viza. Can you give us any offer?
thanks. oded sharon

"Hello Uzbekistan" tour review
Author: Ray King
Trip Date: 2016-04-12 00:00:00
Excellent, well organised
Got the visa and paid for the tour in Tashkent then everything went smoothly .....
"One day trip to Khiva" tour review
Author: Sebastiao
Trip Date: 2016-02-21 00:00:00
You have really made me want to go to Uzbekistan and esaleiplcy Samarkand which I had read about as a kid. When I was growing up, we actually had geography classes. It was after I graduated from high school that they folded Geography into Social Studies. And from that time on, Americans knowledge of geography has gone downhill. So I am glad that you tried to get kids excited about geography and traveling the world.
"Guaranteed Departure Uzbekistan tour 2017" tour review
Author: gaddo ferrini
Trip Date: 2016-02-09 01:03:23
Dear Anur tour, i'm interested in Boysun Bakhor festival , samarkand and Termez with the buddhist sites...if you already know the dates of the festival could you plan a tour for me ad my girlfriend?hope to heard from you regards, Gaddo.
Please travel with Anur Tours!
Author: Linda
Trip Date: 2015/12/05
I recently returned from a solo visit to Uzbekistan organized by Anur tours. I chose them based on emails received from Aziza, one of the representatives. I was SO impressed with their services. I took one of their regular tours and customized it to meet my own interests and could not have been happier. The guides in each place were knowledgeable and friendly, the recommended accommodations were excellent and the places visited and time alloted were perfect. It was so nice to be met in each place by a guide, and taken to the airport or train station, it took all the worry and hassle out of having to find my own way around. Everyone at the company was amazing, I got sick on my last day and they took care of me like family. I wouldnt hesitate to go back to Uzbekistan, it exceeded all my expectations, and I would definitely use Anur again.

Visited October 2015
Highly recommend
Author: Kayrat M, Kazakhstan, USA
Trip Date: 2015/11/25

We traveled together with our US friends. I chose Anur Tour because the other two I read about (one Uzbek and the other Kazakh) charged higher prices. Everything was smooth. The guides met us everywhere, transportation was provided and the choice of hotels was good. We were shown the best of Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand. 

The bad things we heard about Uzbek customs are exaggerated. Just follow the rules: fill out the customs declaration, mentioning all your valuables, and keep the registration notes you receive at hotels. The country is very quiet and clean and the Uzbeks are very hospitable. The prices are low in general but the ones at the Chor Su bazaar in Tashkent are higher than I expected.

We traveled in November when there are few tourists and it is not hot. Luckily, the sun was shining.

"Uzbekistan and TURKMENISTAN for 8 days" tour review
Author: Hendrik Disteldorf
Trip Date: 2014-03-31 00:00:00
I am interested in the 8 day tour "Ancient cities of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan".
Please advise on tour dates and pricing.
Thanks a lot, Hendrik
"Porso" hotel review
Trip Date: 2014-01-08 01:45:49
My husband and me are interesting in a travell visiting Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkanda. We'll arrive to tashkent on 20th june 014 at 6,30 AM and we'll come back on 28th June at 8,15 AM. We prefer hotels 4-5*. We´d prefer spanish language guide.
"Registan Plaza (President)" hotel review
Author: Isolde Krones
Trip Date: 2013-06-06 17:34:13
We stayed in your hotel from 03.05.-05.05.2013. I put some postcards in your letterbox - opposite from the reception - till now no card arrived in Germany. May be this box in not working anymore ? Please can you check. Thank you very much and kind regards Isolde Krones