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"One day trip to Khiva" tour review
Author: Jose Antonio Garcia
Trip Date: 2017-09-15 00:00:00
I'm only writting you to thank you all the support and the managing of our tour We are very happy with your drivers, the guided tour was wonderful and I would like to add that Salamat was the best guide for us to visit khiva and of course, we are very satisfied with you for the profesional way you plan our trip.

If anybody asked me for advising I would recommend Anur Tour as the best choice to visit Uzbekistan.
"Hello Uzbekistan" tour review
Author: Dale Madsen (Geneva, Switzerland)
Trip Date: 2017-08-16 11:10:42

Excellent! We were absolutely thrilled with the fabulous service provided by Anur during our 7 days/6 nights in Uzbekistan. Unforgettable experiences discovering a fascinating country were accentuated by the impeccable service both in the lead up to our trip with the organizing, and during our stay.

The lovely and efficient Elina communicated quickly and thoroughly with every request and detail. We had quite a few requests, as we opted for a personal Italian-speaking guide throughout, and a dedicated driver for our small group of 4, but still wanted to keep our costs low. The suggested hotels booked and itineraries confirmed were perfectly catered to our needs, and all exceeded our expectations.
The trip went flawless. All sites were spectacular. Our guide was always helpful to point out 2-3 options for excellent nearby restaurants without insisting on a personal choice. There was never the slightest delay or wait checking in or visiting any site/museum, etc.
We greatly appreciated the personal touches offered by Elina and Anur, and were especially thankful for the kind greetings they arranged upon our arrival in Tashkent, and eventual (sad) departure.
Anur is highly, highly recommended and have definitely earned their Number 1 position here! We promise to send friends and family your way!

"5 STAN tour: Along the Great Silk Road" tour review
Author: Jean, (Ostin, Texas)
Trip Date: 2017-08-12 00:00:00

This tour exceeded our expectations - everything was SO organized and flowed so smoothly. I thought that it was good value as well. I loved the hotels that were selected. Zarina was so responsive and designed a tour specifically for our interests in food. I never ate so well in my life. The buffets at the Serena hotel in Dushanbe, Tajikistan were the culinary highlight of the trip. For that reason alone, I would suggest that this hotel be used for future guests who like great food.

My favorite spots were Bukhara, Uzbekistan and Ashgabat, Turkmenistan. Bukhara for the magical atmosphere, the terrific culture show, and fantastic souvenirs - particularly the very inexpensive but beautiful miniature paintings (I bought 8). Ashgabat was a striking white marble city unlike any other I have seen in the world. I am impressed by all the good the president of the country has done for his people. Flying into the city at night with all the gleaming, orderly white marble buildings and brilliant neon lights was such an experience. I have never seen so many impressive monuments. The city was spotlessly clean as well.

We also enjoyed the well-planned cities of Almaty, Kazakhistan and Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and their settings against the mountains - they had so many parks and restaurant options!

We survived the border crossing at Turkmenistan and examination of our 20+ drugs by labeling everything for its purpose and smiling a lot. But a visit to Turkmenistan is one that you will not forget. Ashgabat is one of the most fascinating cities in the world (out of the 120 countries we have now visited). We travel a lot, but would not be able to do this tour on our own due to language difficulties and so many transfers (all which went perfectly).

My favorite guides were Elmira in Kazakhstan and Govel (sp?) in Turkmenistan - they were just superb and so knowledgeable. I give our highest recommendation for Anur tours!

"To the Aral Sea..." tour review
Author: A Lien (Lakeville, Minnesota)
Trip Date: 2017-05-27 00:00:00

We e-mailed Anur Tour in February to organize a 10-day Tashkent-Samarkand-Bukhara-Khiva-Muynak/Aral Sea tour with personal guides and drivers in May.
Ms. Elina from Anur replied promptly with an outline for such a trip. Over the next weeks we worked out the details for daily itineraries, hotels and domestic transportation. In the end our program was exactly what we had hoped for. For simplicity we choose to have Ms. Elina book all travel arrangements within Uzbekistan, including train and air travel.
Once in Uzbekistan Ms. Elina met us personally to deliver the travel documents. Later she called regularly to see if everything was well.
The tour itself went like clockwork. Everything was perfectly organized. Our guides and drivers were always waiting for us when we arrived in different cities. We thought our program was rather ambitious but thanks to Ms. Elina's good planning it seemed easy.
We highly recommend Anur Tour for quality and worry-free holidays.
Anur Tour provides me the best service at the highest level!
Author: Ming Lau (Hong Kong)
Trip Date: 2016/07/22

I had no idea about sightseeing tour of Uzbekistan so before I joined the tour of this company, I just randomly searched about travel agencies in Uzbekistan on the internet and I coincidentally found out the website of Anur Tour, then I clicked into the page of “Guaranteed departure tour around Uzbekistan, 2016”, and read about details of the itinerary of the trip and I just decided to join this tour without a long moment of consideration.

I provided all my personal information, copies of passport, traveling documents, air flight tickets to the company. Then the Manager of Anur Tour - Ms. Aziza started to help me and arrange everything for me of this trip. Aziza is very helpful and always reply me in such an immediate speed and telling me about details of getting a visa of immigrating to Uzbekistan. And this visa- thing made me the most troublesome because I just applied to join this tour just 2 weeks before my departure from Hong Kong via Seoul to Uzbekistan, and everything went very well except for the visa problem.Just on the night of me en-routing to the Hong Kong International Airport, I just kept refreshing the E-visa website of Uzbekistan and finally I received the updated notice of my visa approval and I got the telex number! Thank God for this, otherwise I might not go to Uzbekistan as my first overseas trip in a foreign country.

And then I contacted to the Director of Anur Tour - Mr. Mumin and he just sent me a Letter of Invitation (LOI) to me so I can get aboard to the plane, and Mumin and Aziza all congratulated me for my success of visiting to Uzbekistan!

The first day of my arrival to the Airport in Tashkent, Aziza and the local tour guide called Mr. Bakhrom waited for me outside the airport and just welcomed me to Uzbekistan. My trip is a 10-day tour and it is all nicely arranged for my length of time staying in Uzbekistan. Bakhrom took me to the hotel and one day later, he started to guide me in the Capital City – Tashkent. He can speak very fluent English and he’s a learned man. He explained me everything about the sites that I visited in Tashkent very patiently and he’s such a kind-hearted man!

The second part of my trip is going to Khiva via Urgench, the two local drivers are all very nice men and we just chit-chatted and I spoke a little bit of Uzbek language and they were all really impressed with me, we had so much fun! The local tour guide – Mr. Alimardan, he is a Khivan resident and of course he knows very well about the UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Ichan Kala. He’s an intelligent man and telling me about the story of each spots I visited. And at this moment I really started to get my horizons broadened about everything in Uzbekistan.

The third part of my trip is going to Bukhara, this was the time of my trip started to get really, really interesting and fascinating! I originally landed in the airport of Bukhara at 11:45 but my flight was get aboard 30 minutes earlier so when I came out to the airport, I couldn’t find any driver holding the nameplate of my name so I just decided to hire a local taxi by myself and that taxi driver charged me for $5 USD (The receptionist of the hotel in Bukhara said it’s too expensive). Then my driver and tour guide Umid just came in to my hotel room and apologized to me about this event happened and refunded me the $5 USD, I really didn’t expect this from my tour guide, too nice of him! Then Umid guided me around Bukhara city in the next day, and he’s also a highly knowledgeable person and taking me to many tourist spots in Bukhara.

The day in Samarkand, I was greeted with a driver and a local tour guide called Ms. Eleanora, she’s a very classy and learned woman. She took me visiting around the city of Samarkand and the Registon Square – another UNESCO World Heritage Sites is just beautiful, spectacular, majestic, magnificent. She also took me to a museum, a mosque, and a silk carpet factory. Everything I looked around is just elegantly historical and splendid. And I really enjoyed talking to this beautiful tour guide and we talked about everything of our two countries. It’s such a full of enjoyment to appreciate the beauty of Uzbekistan and it’s my pleasure and honor to visit to this special and mysterious country.

I had a very fun and nice time mingling with the tour locals and the local people as well, Uzbek people are very gentle and polite. I would like to recommend all readers here to use the service of this company as they have shown professionalism and sincerity to me. I enjoy my trip to Uzbekistan very much and in my opinion, Anur Tour is your best choice!

Visited July 2016

GREAT tour company for solo travelers!
Author: Astrid Vaagen (Oslo, Norvey)
Trip Date: 2016/07/15
I just spent a week in Uzbekistan, and I couldn't be more happy with Anur Tour's services. All the way from the first email I sent when I started planning my trip they've been friendly, reliable and efficient. They helped me plan a trip that included everything I wanted to see, did the visa arrangements, and organized a wonderful week for me in this amazing country. Everything within a very reasonable price. I will highly recommend them to other travelers, and I will definitely use them again for other travels in Central Asia.

Visited July 2016
With ANUR TOUR from 2010!!!
Author: Sandra (Riga, Latvia)
Trip Date: 2016/06/06
I have been using services of ANUR TOUR since 2010 and am very happy about the cooperation. Most of my trips have been solo and this makes one value highly the professional and at the same time friendly relations with the agency. For an individual it is important to feel safe when going to an unknown place. The perfect choice of drivers, guides and accommodation made me feel absolutely like at home. Drivers have always been on time assigned, experienced in work with tourists and knowledgeable about the places to visit. The excellent knowledge of English should be mentioned as well. Guides besides their professionalism have also been very interesting personalities, knowledgeable in various areas.
I have been happy to visit with ANUR TOUR not only the must see sites of Uzbekistan as Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva and Shakhrisabz, but also Nukus, Muynak, the desert fortresses of Ayaz-Kala and Toprak-Kala, Aydarkul Lake with staying overnight at a yurt camp, and the famous Hazrat Daud Cave.
ANUR TOUR arranges also combined trips within the region to visit neighboring countries – Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan,Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. I took chance to visit Kyrgyzstan and am absolutely happy about the trip.
I can recommend ANUR TOUR as a highly professional and reliable tour operator for the trip to Central Asia.
Author: Valda
Trip Date: 2016/03/20
Non-stop estimulating experiences, I felt alive again. Lovely safe country, and charming people. The organization had been amazing, and our guide great: professional, very kind. Highly recommend, you don't wanna miss this one!
Highly Recommend Anur Tour
Author: Sarah Lain
Trip Date: 2016/01/05
I booked a group tour of five people to Samarkand from Tashkent with Anur. Our guide Denis was fantastic and really made the history of this fascinating city come alive. The organisation of the tour and payment process was very smooth. I highly recommend booking through Anur!
"Guaranteed Departure Uzbekistan tour 2017" tour review
Author: oded sharon
Trip Date: 2016-05-25 00:00:00

we look for private tour to see the highlightsc of Uzbekistan. We will be 2-5 persons we plan on September 2016. We need too flights from tel avive and viza. Can you give us any offer?
thanks. oded sharon

"Hello Uzbekistan" tour review
Author: Ray King
Trip Date: 2016-04-12 00:00:00
Excellent, well organised
Got the visa and paid for the tour in Tashkent then everything went smoothly .....
"One day trip to Khiva" tour review
Author: Sebastiao
Trip Date: 2016-02-21 00:00:00
You have really made me want to go to Uzbekistan and esaleiplcy Samarkand which I had read about as a kid. When I was growing up, we actually had geography classes. It was after I graduated from high school that they folded Geography into Social Studies. And from that time on, Americans knowledge of geography has gone downhill. So I am glad that you tried to get kids excited about geography and traveling the world.
"Guaranteed Departure Uzbekistan tour 2017" tour review
Author: gaddo ferrini
Trip Date: 2016-02-09 01:03:23
Dear Anur tour, i'm interested in Boysun Bakhor festival , samarkand and Termez with the buddhist sites...if you already know the dates of the festival could you plan a tour for me ad my girlfriend?hope to heard from you regards, Gaddo.
Please travel with Anur Tours!
Author: Linda
Trip Date: 2015/12/05
I recently returned from a solo visit to Uzbekistan organized by Anur tours. I chose them based on emails received from Aziza, one of the representatives. I was SO impressed with their services. I took one of their regular tours and customized it to meet my own interests and could not have been happier. The guides in each place were knowledgeable and friendly, the recommended accommodations were excellent and the places visited and time alloted were perfect. It was so nice to be met in each place by a guide, and taken to the airport or train station, it took all the worry and hassle out of having to find my own way around. Everyone at the company was amazing, I got sick on my last day and they took care of me like family. I wouldnt hesitate to go back to Uzbekistan, it exceeded all my expectations, and I would definitely use Anur again.

Visited October 2015
Highly recommend
Author: Kayrat M, Kazakhstan, USA
Trip Date: 2015/11/25

We traveled together with our US friends. I chose Anur Tour because the other two I read about (one Uzbek and the other Kazakh) charged higher prices. Everything was smooth. The guides met us everywhere, transportation was provided and the choice of hotels was good. We were shown the best of Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand. 

The bad things we heard about Uzbek customs are exaggerated. Just follow the rules: fill out the customs declaration, mentioning all your valuables, and keep the registration notes you receive at hotels. The country is very quiet and clean and the Uzbeks are very hospitable. The prices are low in general but the ones at the Chor Su bazaar in Tashkent are higher than I expected.

We traveled in November when there are few tourists and it is not hot. Luckily, the sun was shining.

Travel with Anur tours
Author: Lynda Seal, US
Trip Date: 2015/11/12
I recently returned from a solo visit to Uzbekistan organized by Anur tours. I chose them based on emails received from Aziza, one of the representatives. I was SO impressed with their services. I took one of their regular tours and customized it to meet my own interests and could not have been happier. The guides in each place were knowledgeable and friendly, the recommended accommodations were excellent and the places visited and time alloted were perfect. It was so nice to be met in each place by a guide, and taken to the airport or train station, it took all the worry and hassle out of having to find my own way around. Everyone at the company was amazing, I got sick on my last day and they took care of me like family. I wouldnt hesitate to go back to Uzbekistan, it exceeded all my expectations, and I would definitely use Anur again.
Uzbekistan tour with Anur Tour
Author: Hilary Popiolek, UK
Trip Date: 2015/09/13
We have just come back from an amazing holiday visiting Tashkent, Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand and used Anur Tour ( for local guides and drivers and transfers.
Everything was organised beautifully. I had arranged international and internal flights and hotels myself and Anur Tour booked train tickets/drivers and guides. Everyone arrived in the right order at the right time (well actually the guides were sometimes a bit early! Very keen) and went according to plan.
It was great having different local guides with different backgrounds and they were all very good. We really enjoyed the mix of arranging our own itinerary and having a reasonable amount of free time with guiding arrangements etc made for us.
We had to change the plan and miss out on the yurt visit due to my husband being ill. We phoned Aziza over the weekend and she promptly re-arranged as necessary and contacted the hotel in Samarkand so we could go there a day early.
We were met by the managing director when we arrived and Aziza cam to the hotel to meet us before we left.
We would highly recommend this as a hassle free way of visiting Uzbekistan with more freedom than on a group tour, and would like to thank Aziza and Anur Tour for their professional support.
trip to Samarkand
Author: Ruslan, Russia
Trip Date: 2015/07/23
I booked a trip to Samarkand via the internet from Finland from travel agency Anurtour and dealt with travel agent Ms. Aziza Abdurahimova.

Tour in Samarkand was guided by Denis Vikulov. I would like to thank, as well as the travel agency and especially travel agent Aziza for her professionalism and the excellent journey arrangements. Everything was according to plan and on time.

A special thank belong to tour guide Denis Vikulov. Denis's professional is troughly the first class guide. He knew how to tell about culture and history also on a funny and very interesting way. During tour Denis was like living in the historic events and took you with him on this journey! He was always present and ready for any help or questions.

My trip exceeded my expectations. Samarkand is amazing city and there is a lot to see. Anurtour, according to my experience, is a safe and reliable tour operator. I defenetely rekomend to use this touragency! Next time I plan to go to Buhara and defenetely going to contact Anurtour and travelagent Aziza and ask them for Denis to guide my tour.

Thank you for everything!

Best Regards, Ruslan.
Uzbekistan Tour, June, 2015
Author: Laura Cooper, USA
Trip Date: 2015/07/18

Our fast (one week) trip through Uzbekistan with Anur Tour was seamless from start to finish. Mumin guided us through the intricacies of visas and Letters of Introduction, booked multiple flights in and onward on Uzbekistan Air (it's not possible to book from their website). Svetlana met us the first morning with agendas, tickets, phone numbers, and competence. I've traveled a lot but this was my first tour experience and I was a bit concerned about being over-managed. The balance of freedom with guided tours and well-executed logistics was perfect. Mumin and Svetlana were a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Anur Tours for your trip to this interesting, complex, and beautiful country.

Uzbekistan Birdwatching tour
Author: Enno Ebels, Netherlands
Trip Date: 2015/07/12
I recently completed a nine-day birdwatching and culture tour to Uzbekistan, visiting Tashkent, Samarkand, Buchara and Chiva. All was arranged by Anur Tours. The trip was well-organized, with nice hotels in every city, experienced city guides in every city and two succesive drivers offering safe driving and good company (and learning me a lot about the country). Birding was rather tough, because of the time of the year (post-breeding season, no migration) and very high day temperatures (up to 47 degrees Celsius), making birding after the early hours difficult. Nevertheless, I managed to see most target species, including Pander's Ground-Jay (ca. 10 seen between Buchara and Chiva). Other interesting species were, eg, Saxaul Sparrow, Asian Paradise Flycatcher, Hume's (Short-toed) Lark, Upcher's Warbler, Finsch's Wheatear, Rufous-naped Tit, Yellow-breasted Tit and Desert Finch). In Taskent, I had opportunities to visit some interesting public buildings from the Sovjet period. The monuments in Samarkand, Buchara and Chiva were most impressive and a true experience to vsisit in real life. Highly recommended - if you can stand the heat. For strongly focussed birders, some extra help locally to find the right spots for the right species or to have up-to-date information would be helpful, because the drivers have limited knowledge other than where to go.
Uzbekistan - Tashkent, Bukhara and Samarkand tour.
Author: Michael H (New Zealand)
Trip Date: 2015/07/10

As it was the first time that I had been to Uzbekistan, I was a little reticent about dealing with tour operators that I have never heard of before.
After many hours searching the "net" I decided to go with the travel agency “Anur Tour” and I was not disappointed.
I made the decision to do a day tour of Tashkent and a two day tour of Bukhara and Samarkand.
There service was absolutely amazing, they were extremely professional, and both tours went like clockwork.
I was met by a representative from Anur Tour at my hotel who briefed me on the various activities I was going to do, she gave me the appropriate documentation that I required and fully explained what would be happening over the coming days.
In particular the two day tour to Bukhara and Samarkand was extremely worthwhile. By flying direct to Bukhara early morning it certainly maximized the time available for sightseeing which was enhanced by a very informative guide.
You also had the opportunity of going straight to your hotel and check in before embarking on the day’s activities. The accommodation was also of a very good standard.
The next day involved getting the morning train to Samarkand, about a 3 hour journey, and then spending the rest of the day sightseeing till late afternoon, before being taken to the railway station to get the high-speed train “Afrosiab” back to Tashkent.
The various guides that I dealt with spoke very good English and were extremely helpful and informative.
I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending Anur Tour as there service was excellent, the content of their tours covered all the appropriate sites and you never felt under pressure even though you covered a great deal of territory.

couple from Slovenia
Author: Monika & Janko, Slovenia
Trip Date: 2015/01/08
Trip around Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan was organized so well that we had smooth and relaxed holidays. Thanks to the company Anurtour (Ms. Aziza) we have the best guides and drivers you can imagine. The guides in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan were very knowledgeable, gave us a lot of information, took us to the local restaurants...
We highly recommend this agency as they organize also the letter of invitation and the possibility to obtain Visa on the tashkent airport and the land border to Turkmenistan.
The choose of places of interest was upon our request and their recommendations, the hotels were nice, clean and in great location.
Even weather was on our side - we had 15 C and only sunny days.

Go there and see those two beautiful, picturesque countries, their friendly people, tradition still alive on the great silk road. But do not forget to choose ANUR TOUR.
a truly Uzbek experience
Author: Rembrant, Canada
Trip Date: 2015/01/03

I highly recommend Anur Tour Central Asia, Mr. Mumin Raubaev in particular. 


I traveled alone for 10 days in Uzbekistan during late November, early December 2014, visiting Khiva, Bokhara and Samarkand. I told Mumin of my interests in architecture, decorative arts, music, history and culture generally. Anur helped me customize my trip in considerable detail including specific B&B accommodation, ground transportation and connections, guides, plane and train tickets as well as visa support. Every aspect of Anur’s responsibility was executed flawlessly:

• My entry visa was competently arranged for pick up upon arrival in Tashkent airport;

• Transfer personnel (at 2:00AM) were easy to find, spoke English well and were very courteous;

• All flight and train tickets, B&B confirmations, itinerary, etc. were clearly and simply organized upon arrival;

• B&B accommodation was excellent – comfortable, quiet, warm, good breakfast, hot water for showers, etc.;

• Local ground transfers were prompt, courteous and efficient;

• Travel by train and auto were safe, efficient, comfortable and on time;

• Guides were very well informed, particularly in my areas of interest, spoke English very well and were well respected by staff at museums, cultural sites, restaurants and businesses, were highly personable and interesting people.


As Mumin keenly observed at one point, I was seeking “a truly Uzbek experience” – he delivered in spades.

 I will certainly call upon Anur for my next visit to this marvelous country.

Uzbekistan - Turkmenistan trip
Author: Oskar M, (Spain)
Trip Date: 2014/11/12
I used Anur tours for my trip to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and I just can say that everything was really well planned and good price. In Turkmenistan by law they contacted a Turkmen company but everything arranged from Anur Tours, very well organized and professional, not even a single small trouble.

I totally recommend it.

Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan tour
Author: Gilbert family (Netherlands)
Trip Date: 2014/08/10
We're back in Japan after a wonderful trip to Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan. We want to thank you and Anur Tours for all the arrangements you made for us in Uzbekistan. Everything went smoothly. No hitches whatsoever.
29 July - 13 August Trip
Author: Carolina and Antonio, Spain
Trip Date: 2014/07/29
Yesterday we arrived to Madrid. Everything related to your tour was perfect....guides friendly.. drivers always on time... Hotels,...Thank you very much and we will recommend Anur tour to everybody who would like to go to Uzbekistan.
trip to Uzbekistan
Author: Mika, Japan
Trip Date: 2014/06/15
I traveled to Uzbekistan by myself, so asked this company for helping me.
a guide and drivers helped me well and treated and hotels I stayed while my trip were nice.
(thanks to your order with bathtub! because I'm from Japan)

I enjoyed so much and became to like Uzbekistan.
reccomend to others.
"Uzbekistan and TURKMENISTAN for 8 days" tour review
Author: Hendrik Disteldorf
Trip Date: 2014-03-31 00:00:00
I am interested in the 8 day tour "Ancient cities of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan".
Please advise on tour dates and pricing.
Thanks a lot, Hendrik
"Porso" hotel review
Trip Date: 2014-01-08 01:45:49
My husband and me are interesting in a travell visiting Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkanda. We'll arrive to tashkent on 20th june 014 at 6,30 AM and we'll come back on 28th June at 8,15 AM. We prefer hotels 4-5*. We´d prefer spanish language guide.
"Registan Plaza (President)" hotel review
Author: Isolde Krones
Trip Date: 2013-06-06 17:34:13
We stayed in your hotel from 03.05.-05.05.2013. I put some postcards in your letterbox - opposite from the reception - till now no card arrived in Germany. May be this box in not working anymore ? Please can you check. Thank you very much and kind regards Isolde Krones